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Our safety goal

Our goal is that all boat rental shall take place without causing damage to persons, boats or equipment.

To achieve this goal, we have implemented a number of measures to prevent damage and ensure that customers have a safe and enjoyable boating experience.

One example of such a measure is that you as a customer, before the boat is handed over to you, must confirm by signature that you have gone through the information in "Before you rent a boat" on our web based safety pages.

In the section "Before you rent a boat", we have gathered important information for our boat rental customers. The section "Rules & Regulations" is an overview of rules for driving leisure boats in Norway. Under "Useful Apps", you will find ideas of apps you can download to enhance safety while on the boat.

We wish you a wonderful and safe boating!



Our safety goal

Rules & Regulations

Before you rent a boat

Useful Apps

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Sognefjord Boating is a boating company operated by boat enthusiasts with long experience from use of boats and boat rental. Our ambition is to make the unique archipelago and the spectacular fjords of Western Norway more available for boaters and sailors. Contact us

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