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Sea map, weather forecast for boating, find marina, guest harbor or medical service. Report need for assistance etc.

 Yes    Yes   NOK 28
 Yr    Værmelding  Yes   Yes   Free      
 Blaskjellvarsel   Mussels alert: Information about in which areas the mussels are edible.
 Yes    Yes   Free
 Anchor watch   Anchor Watch   Anchor Watch: Alerts you if the boat drifts out of the defined position. Very usesful if you e.g. are at anchor.
Yes    No   NOK 7




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Sognefjord Boating

Sognefjord Boating is a boating company operated by boat enthusiasts with long experience from use of boats and boat rental. Our ambition is to make the unique archipelago and the spectacular fjords of Western Norway more available for boaters and sailors. Contact us

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+47 53 21 53 01

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