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Before you rent a boat

Norwegian waters

Western Norway has a fantastic archipelago that invites you to great boating and lots of opportunities, either you use a motor boat or are a sailor. Combined with fjords surrounded by high mountains, the coast along western Norway is an attractive destination.

If this is the first time you plan a boat trip along the coast of Western Norway, it is important to be aware that navigation in these waters requires good planning, full attention and caution. If, for example, you have hired a boat in Greece or Croatia, you will find that Norwegian waters have more underwater reefs, not to mention that the water temperature is significantly lower.

In order to prepare you in the best way for the boat trip in Norwegian waters, before renting a boat, we ask you to walk through all the information on this page and to spend 3 minutes watching the safety video below.


Safety video

The Norwegian Authority for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning (dsb) has produced a short safety video for fishing tourism along the Norwegian coast. The film is a summary of the conditions boaters should be aware of, regardless of the purpose of the boat trip.

Safety video (English)


Safety rules for boating

The safety video above summarizes the safety rules for boating in a good way, and for us representing Sognefjord Boating it is natural that everyone traveling at sea should know and follow them. Unfortunately, in practise it is not always like this, and many of us need a reminder of the rules before a new boating season. Therefore we also ask you to read through these 7 rules:

1. Think safety: Knowledge and planning reduces the risk and increases the enjoyment.

2. Bring the necessary equipment: The equipment must be kept in order and be readily available.

3. Respect the weather and waters: The boat must be used only under appropriate conditions.

4. Follow the rules for traffic at sea: Rules about right of way, maximum speed and navigation lights must be kept.

5. Use a life jacket or flotation suit: Floatation devices for everyone on board is mandatory.

6. Be well rested and sober: The alcohol limit is 0.8 per thousand when driving a boat.

7. Be considerate: Security, safety and well-being is a common responsibility.


Rental agreement, declarations and check-lists

Our rental agreement regulates important issues between us/the boat owner and you/the customer, e.g. rental period, responsibilities, insurance, deposits, etc.

In order to secure that only persons allowed to and capable of driving the relevant boat are permitted to rent it, customers must sign a declaration about this and send us a copy of the boating license and/or certificates (if required).

Before check-out of the boat, a safety walkthrough shall be performed and signed both by a person representing the boat owner and by the customer. At the same time, you, as a customer, must comfirm by signature that you have read this page.

Similar documentation will be used if you rent a boat that is mediated by Sognefjord Boating. The main difference is that you then sign a rental agreement directly with the owner of the boat, and that it is the owner who is responsible for the boat's condition, insurance, delivery, etc.



Our safety goal

Rules & Regulations

Before you rent a boat

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