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- and earn money on it when you are not using it yourself

Sognefjord Boating mediates rental of privately owned boats to our customers. If you hire out your boat, you can get a return on your boat investment the weeks you are not using it yourself.

Income on boat rental
How much you can earn on boat rental is dependent on your boat, the condition of your boat, how well equipped it is, the rental price, and last but not least how many weeks you wish to rent your boat out. As long as the price is not unreasonably high, you may achieve 6-8 weeks of rental during a season. The rental price will first and foremost be decided by you as owner of the boat, however, we will contribute with our experience when concluding the price. The rent, deducted the commission to us, will be paid to you in connection with every tenancy.

Customers of Sognefjord Boating needto be experienced boat users with the necessary boat license/certificate. Customers must have experience in similar boats like the one they want to hire, and they must confirm this in writing. For example, they must have sailing experience to rent a sailboat.

We enter into a rental contract between us and the customer, ensure that the customer has the necessary qualifications and experience, and ensure that the hire charge and deposit are paid. We send documents to the customer for completion and signature, answers questions from the customer's side, and keep regular contact with you as a boat owner for vacant weeks etc.

The boats condition and equipment
Sognefjord Boating rent out motor boats and sailing boats of different type, size and age. A common requirement for all boats is that they are in good condition, clean and with safety equipment in top condition. A customer would expect that even if it is an older boat, the engine, sail and rigging are in good condition. All personal belongings that you do not want the customer to use, must be taken out of the boat before the rental. The customer brings bedding, towels, kitchen towels, rags and the like.

Safety equipment such as life jackets (one for each person), fire extinguishers and flares must be on board and in good condition. If the boat has a liferaft this shall be stated, and the boat owner must ensure that it functions properly. Kitchen equipment shall correspond to the number of passengers and number of duvets and pillows on board must correspond to the number specified by you in the mediation agreement.

Handover and reception
Sognefjord Boating will naturally help as best we can, but you as the boat owner is responsible for handover and reception of the boat, instruction in the use of the boat and the equipment on board, and a review of our security form before the rental. The boat will be handed over to the customer with full fuel and water tanks, and the customer shall deliver the boat back on the same principle. Upon reception, check that the boat and the equipment is in order, and you must ensure that the customer fill out our statement regarding this. You must also check that the boat is cleaned, or clean the boat yourselv if the customer wants to pay for this. Finally, it is important that you as a boat owner are available to the customer by telephone if something should happen during the rental period.

Insurance terms are different from company to company. In order to rent out your boat, it is normal that you have to buy a supplementary insurance that covers the period you want to rent out. Contact your insurance company to find out what rules apply to you and your boat. Sognefjord Boating only rent out boats that are properly insured, and where this is confirmed by you as a boat owner.

Before the boat is handed over, the customer shall pay a deposit which normally corresponds to the insurance deductible. If the boat is not in the same condition when the customer delivers it back, you have the right to retain all or part of the deposit to cover your costs of repairing the damage.

Mediation agreement
Sognefjord Boating establish mediation agreements throughout the year. Since the orders often come in during the fall and the winter, an early registration increases the opportunities for rental in the weeks you want next season.

Please contact us for more information. Either by phone at + 47 907 29 782 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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